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Past performance is not indicative of future results. The risk of loss in trading Futures and Options can be substantial. Futures and Options trading may not be suitable for everyone. Therefore, you should carefully consider the risks in light of your financial condition and trading objectives before deciding whether to trade. It is possible to lose more than the initial investment. The risks must be understood prior to trading.

We support Futures and Commodities clients worldwide

We are an Online deep discount Futures Trading Broker.

At Champion Futures Corp. we work closely with the clients striving to find the best Futures and Commodity solutions for them. If you are not sure which Futures and Commodity trading platform to use, please contact us and one of our professional Futures and Commodity trading brokers can help you.

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Why choose Champion Futures Trading as your Futures Broker:
Very low intraday margins, as low as $500.

We offer very low commission rates as a discount Futures Broker .

No minimum volume requirements to trade Futures and Commodities.

$1,000 minimum to open a Futures Trading account with Fire Tip. 

Multiple Futures Trading platforms.

Multiple operating systems to trade with: Windows, MAC OS or Web based trading.

FREE trading account to start.

Trade from any location.

Trade Futures, Commodities, Open Outcry (Pit Trading) and options on Futures and Commodities with us.

24 Hour Trade Desk and Support.

FREE online account statement and balances.

Fast execution.

FREE Fire Tip trading platform.

Champion Futures Trading, offers self traded accounts, systems trading, managed accounts and Institutional trading.

Fire Tip - Real time streaming data and charts. Simple easy to use trading platform. Works in Windows, MAC OS and Web based. FREE trading platform to trade electronic Futures and Commodites as well as pit trading and Options. Supports English, Spanish, Chinese, Deutsch, Francais and Italiano. Trade from trading dome or charts.

Web based trading - Our web based trading platform for Futures, Commodities and Options is one of the most feature-rich online platforms in the industry.

Sierra Charts - Real time charting and execution for trading Futures and Commodities. Allows you to trade from the charts or trading dome. Over 300 trading indicators.

Ninja Trader With Real Time streaming data and charts for Futures and Commodity trading. You can trade from the dome or charts. Great trading platform for strategy development.  

X Trader - The X-Trader tool set has always given professional  derivatives traders the edge with superior speed, stability and accuracy.

Champion Futures Trading is a deep discount online Futures Broker.


Trade E-Minis, Currencies, Treasuries, Energy, Metals, Agriculture, Livestock and more.

Futures trading platforms

Champion Futures Trading as a deep discount online Futures and Commodities Broker that has the experience and technology to provide one of the best trading solutions to trade Futures, Commodities and Options. Along with our self traded platforms you can also trade Futures and Commodities with a Futures and Commodities systems trading platform. Champion Futures Trading also offers Managed Futures and Commodity trading accounts.

Our Futures and Commodity trading platforms and systems can be used by individuals, corporations and institutions.

If you have any questions or would like a FREE demo of one of our Futures and Commodity trading platforms or additional information on our Futures and Commodities trading systems or managed accounts please call or send us an email.

Multiple Futures Trading Platforms

MultiCharts - Along with real time streaming quotes and charts, you get real-time market scanner, high-definition charting, EasyLanguage Compatibility and automated trading.
All of our Futures and Commodity trading platforms come with real time streaming quotes and charts. Talk to one of our professional Futures and Commodity brokers if you need help. Choose Champion Futures as your discount Futures Broker.

Champion Futures Trading as a deep discount Futures Broker is offering a mobile based Futures Trading platform. To learn more abuot our new platform and what we offer as a discount Futures Broker please send an email to sales@championfuturestrading.com

Champion Futures is a discount Futures Broker

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